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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Works in Faith...the quality of it

What's up Mars, (this looks like a lot to read but please do so; its a blessing)

     I know its been a long time, but truthfully I've been growing weary in my well doing. I was just praying to the Lord that I need to be constantly surrounded with encouraging and nurturing saints. The world is busy producing birthing pains, ladies. Are we Ready?! He's coming back!)
     So, I'm having this spiritually enlightened conversation with my dear sistah Chrissy. She was so excited about the word of the Lord that was given to her and with much confirmation(actually ten people). I have not had that kind of experience in a while. If I'm by myself and honest enough to confess it, that's good. However, we do and will grow weary in our well doing if we faint not, and we do that too.
     Yes, we wake up with the grace and mercy of Jesus each day. We pray, read, meditate, listen to Christian music/preachers, be kind, thankful and loving to our neighbors...the list goes on, but when? was the last time you truly had wisdom and revelation added to the purpose and plan God has spoken over your life? No, I am not talking about the ministry your church has you fulfilling which is good. I'm talking about finding yourself in a situation or place where you know it had nothing to do with nobody but the Lord.
     To make it meet with your church ministry. You all sit down, go through the itinerary and minutes; you come up with a service or devise a plan to raise money right? (Because ultimately that's the goal. Will people and saints be blessed, yes, but it all boils down to just us again.)All this is wonderful, but its all planned out, by who? us. Also, I know that our meetings and plans come from God too, but then transparency takes over. Sometimes it just needs to be God and I or you in your case.
     Now, before you get all upset beloveth, picture no ministry meeting, no itinerary and no monies to be raised, then what? This causes you to think, right? But you've done enough of that...but don't think, don't do nothing. Find your secret closet, and wait on the Lord.(It's labor time, saints. So, wait and then push) Now your in expectation for God to say something, make a move in You! That's divine destiny and intervention. All of a sudden you find yourself treading uncharted land. People are just coming out of nowhere with a word, a need, and resources, like with Chrissy. And because God the Holy Spirit has given you wisdom and revelation you now know what to do and where to go. The people there don't even look like you, nor do they speak like you.  And they shouldn't because its no longer just us.   Divine intervention crosses color lines, socioeconomic boundaries, etc...   
     This has absolutely nothing to do with the church board, auxiliary or ministry, but you can now go back and ask them to support. God's divine intervention helps not just our church but specifically the Kingdom, and it takes the entire body, in and out of the churches four walls. It's nobody but the hand of the Lord!
     This is what I am seeking after, and I've been there before, but I then ask myself, "Am I really going to avail myself this time?" To be patient and honestly wait for the Lord to speak, not man or my ego, but really hear what the Spirit is saying, because He has much to say.
     Are we being still enough or still being busy just for the sake of being busy. To be seen and heard, look at me, look at me, I'm working for the Lord! In reality your really exhausted, and running on fumes. The word teaches us to be willing vessels...with continual refreshing and filling of His Spirit(Ephesians 5:18/Acts 13:52 NASB). We're a wonderful work in progress, being processed, to be poured out like a drink offering and refilled again.
     If you've had this type of intervention, or seeking after it, please share your works of faith in our comment section. Nobody wants to grow weary and were sure not going to faint, remember the flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing. In your free time, read I Corinthians 3:1-23 lifting up from v10-13, its about the "quality" of our works in faith, not quantity. Let's be still and KNOW that He is GOD!

You are not alone,
Jerri of Mars

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