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Monday, January 13, 2014

Difficulty Swallowing and Blood in the Wrong Places

Hey Mars,
     We're making our way through the 15 Symptoms of Cancer that Women Ignore...if you have missed any just visit the blog, by clicking the link below. Or Google: Mars in NY Jerri.
     OK now, I had difficulty with this one and its not a pleasant feeling. You almost feel like your suffocating. I've known at least two ladies that found polyps on their throat and esophagus. If you have or are still experiencing this symptom, difficulty swallowing, you may have already changed your diet, perhaps avoiding foods that require chewing for more liquids like soups or shakes. And your probably losing weight too.
     But this symptom could be a sign of a GI cancer, like esophagus. Please see your doctor for a thorough exam such as chest X-ray or GI tract.
Blood in the wrong places
    If you've noticed blood in your toilet, urine or stool please don't assume it's from a hemorrhoid, it could be colon cancer. Mars I hope I'm not the only one who looks back before they flush and if you don't then You Should! Can't just be flushing all Willy Nelly, smile. Look back, examine and if the coast is clear, then flush!
     If you are menstruating that's normal but please if otherwise consult your doctor for a colonoscopy or have tests ran for bladder or kidney cancer.
     Coughing up blood should be looked into very seriously. One occasion of blood in the wrong place may not point to anything, but if it happens more than once, please seek your physician.
     Remember, to practice being aware and not foolish. I have spoken with plenty of women who've had all kinds of symptoms but do absolutely nothing. And let's not rule out those who think not even talking about cancer...let's be real ladies. Precaution is vital if ignored could be fatal, and this is not the will of God concerning any of our lives. We must be sharp...
     Let's continue to practice being honest first with ourselves then we will find it much easier to be honest with our sons, family and others. Practice really hard towards being healthy this year, if I am not mistaken all of us are getting older; our spring chicken days are fading fast. Now I know some of us don't even look our age, some don't even feel like it half the time but over exert yourself and watch that body start screaming loud and clear, lol.
     I love you all but you know who loves you best...Jesus!
Practicing Awareness,
Jerri of Mars

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