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Monday, January 6, 2014

Weight Loss

Day One Mars,
     I know we all would like to involve ourselves deeply into this phenomenon or in my case a day to day struggle: Weight Loss. To make it plain...If you are experiencing unusual weight loss this should not be ignored. Especially, if you have not exercised or decreased your eating habits. 
     What is unusual? More than 2 lbs a week; clothes are becoming too big, all of a sudden. In most cases, nothing is subtle; we've probably just ignored it because honestly some of us can or would love to lose a few pounds of fat. Say bye to the bulge and pinching inches.
 So, if you are honest with yourself, remember to practice this skill, then too much weight loss requires going to see your doctor, stat!
     In the meantime, if you can and desire to lose weight the healthy way, remember to practice this skill too, then start small. Whatever small is to you, only you can decide that. But if you need a hint, try parking/walking a block away from your destination instead of wasting energy (both physical and in gas) on circling said block for a closer parking space or like most of us, asking the Lord to open up a space, in Jesus name, now that's funny! The Lord said, "No, get out and walk", because that was His perfect source of exercise and mode transportation. And Mars, don't you dare think, well there were no cars back then. But there were mules. I still believe Jesus would have walked so He did or He would have drove pass all who needed Him. So, get out and walk! beloved.
     Please scroll down to reply or leave a comment, your input in important!!
Practicing Awareness,
Jerri of Mars

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