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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pain and Changes in Lymph Nodes

Good day Mars,

     Pain is something we all know too well, if you've lived long enough, however the complaining of pain and various aches could be early symptoms of some cancers or not.            
     Nevertheless, pain that persists and unexplained need to be checked out by your doctor; not you or a friend. Have your doctor take a careful account of your history and then based on that information decide what testing, if any, is needed.
Changes in Lymph Nodes
     Throughout our bodies we have these tiny organs called Lymph Nodes. They're apart of our Lymphatic System. More commonly known to have swelling in the neck and or armpits, and other places, could be symptomatic. Please Google, lymph nodes for more pics.
     If you have a lymph node that is getting larger, for longer than a month, see a doctor. Your doctor will examine you and figure out any parallel issues (such as infection) which could explain the growing lymph node. If there are none, your doctor will order a biopsy, in most cases.
      Remember, your body doesn't lie, it is a part of the All Mighty, who is incapable of such a flaw. We women are changing with each new day, except it, embrace it and encourage it! Any other behavior displayed is not healthy. Also, talk to about everything but not to everyone; get it out, you'll discover you're not alone.    
     Seek God, set realistic goals, practice honesty, make healthy choices (such as foods, exercise, people, places and yes men) and lastly be available for YOU and your son. This may sound crazy but make an appointment to see YOU! Mothers that are whole, raise sons that are whole, prayerfully. Until, next time...

Practice Awareness,
Jerri of Mars

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