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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let's Start with Awareness

Good day Mars,
     Okay good people, let's start the year off right by doing the hard things first. I will start by saying I suffer with lower back pain, reflux, and other gastric problems and now more than usual potty visits. I am very in tune with my body so any unusual activities are sought out thoroughly. Did I fail to mention, I just turned 50! And in spite of my GYN diagnosis; I'm nowhere near menopause, yea right...I've experienced some signs. Can somebody say "Hot flashes".
     So, I'm awakened this morning about 4:15AM with a nudge from my bladder to potty; yes an interruption in my already unsteady sleep. On any given night, I can average about 4 hours of sleep, but I also take naps during the day on vacations and after work when I'm not. Oh I also failed to mention, I was also feeling nausea along while attending this "unusual urge" to urinate. So, after I go to the bathroom, some bouts of burping, then I felt better. Note to self: Have my Gastroenterologist prescribe me some Pantoprazole Sodium DR aka Prevacid; you know the little purple pill. Works wonders...
     Okay, I can't go back to sleep so I start to hit the Internet, preferably  I love this site, I research Bladder Infections: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Prevention, etc. I run into various information and can agree with 2:5 symptoms I have. This study led me into Uti (urinary tract infection), Kidney Stones and yes Cancer. Then there it was, 15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore. So, while reading and deciphering what applied to me or not, I thought, thank you Holy Spirit. I will dedicate the next week or so to given you, Mars, some markers, precautions and/or things that might make you say Uhhhmmmm or not.
     This is a good start for the year right? To know what the latest scientific researchers are saying, symptoms to look for, just in case in and to spark awareness. Remember, knowledge is Power! Please read and be honest with Your symptoms or not. Often times we think of what others might have instead of ourselves which is good, but let's put us first, its ok! Remember we have sons, if mom's not healthy then they're not either and therefore worry sets in. I will start the list tomorrow, so look out and be honest. Your body doesn't lie, listen to it...

Jerri of Mars

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