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Friday, January 10, 2014

Unusual Bleeding and Skin Changes

Good day Mars,

     This is in and around my age demographic: Menopause (pre, during or post). Women in this category tend to ignore "between-period bleeding" and could possibly be bleeding from the GI tract, which is mistakenly thought to be from their period. But if this between-period bleeding happens to be typically regular, still check it out. So does bleeding after menopause, this could be signs of endometrial cancer and if from the GI tract could be a symptom of colorectal cancer.
     Please know what normal is for you. If you never spot between period and you do, this could be abnormal, but to another it might not be, so please see your GYN. Your doctor can perform a standard pelvic exam, ultrasound or biopsy. We should also start the habit of marking our calendars of any unusual timings too. So we can be precise with our findings to our doctors.

Skin Changes
     If you're a woman who have moles, you should know to especially look for any changes--a well-known sign of skin cancer. But we should also watch for any changes in skin pigmentation. Such signs like sudden skin bleeding or excessive scaling, should be looked into by your doctor. Especially, if these changes have been going on for several weeks, because your keeping a watchful eye and marking your calendar. Whatever, is urgent to you but never wait for an emergency.
     Remember, to practice being healthy and being honest with yourself. Also, your body is not capable of lying to you. We need to remain healthy for our sons, so they can be too.

Practicing Awareness,
Jerri of Mars


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