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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Revised - What I've been up to lately...and How yoou dooing?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mars,
         As for myself, the year is going out in the glory of God, just like it came in! I celebrated a "half a century", like my late mother use to say when she turned 50. Whew! after all I've been through, I made it this far. Thank you God!
     Christmas was quiet, made my French toast and bacon and boy was it delicious. I spent lots of money, but not on presents, just had that spending spirit come upon me. Some of you will be honest enough to testify, oh yes! To God be the glory, all my spending was hard earned cash, no credit cards for this delivered sistah, lol. The Lord delivered me from that spirit some years ago. If cash and carry is not excepted then I don't participate.
     I've been studying the Gospel of Mark online, so far so good. Oh and I've been finding and doing some great lessons on YouVersion bible app too. See this is what I use my cell phone for; to stay on top of my word and listen to my gospel music, when the world around me be trying to drag a sistah off...
     I am growing more with each knew day, being saved under the blood of Jesus some 30+ years. Hallelujah! Like a tree planted by the river; being tossed and turned but yet I stand firm, planted and unharmed, amen.
     If anyone is interested, the latest lesson plan called, Heaven's In Your Routines. It's a 5 day study from
Psalm 19, along with other bible references. Please read the entire chapter since the lesson only depicts specific verses. I also, listen audibly and write notes, also available in the app. I find all of these YouVersion lesson plans encouraging, and I know you will too! Their like little snacks I nibble on throughout the day, smile.
     Well I just felt like letting you ladies and gents know what I have been up to lately. Until the Lord allows me this opportunity again, have a blessed and prosperous New Year!!!

The new 25,
Jerri of Mars

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