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Saturday, May 10, 2014

She Is...

Happy Mother's Day Mars!!!
     It has been a while I know, but a lot has been transpiring in my life. However, I just wanted to share a bit of wisdom that I've acquired this past week while reading this seven day bible lesson on YouVersion bible app.
     The lesson is entitled, She Is...Mom! Day one starts with, She Is...A Chauffeur! Instinctively, it starts out about how mothers drive their children to and fro, but it ends with chauffeuring her children through life. How it is her input and impact that will take them through low valleys and into mountain top vistas.
     Day two, She Is...A Comedienne! Because she is to always find a way somehow to teach her children to laugh especially when their feeling sad; to know that life is not all bad. To teach her children at every stage that it really is more fun to serve the Lord than to be in bondage to the lies of the culture. To sing silly songs because their could never be too much music in the home. Bake cookies and play dress up. I loved this have hamburgers for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.
     Day three, She Is...A Mailwoman! That every important information should come from their mother. There are no stupid questions but to teach them how to research their answers, especially if she don't have them all. Neither rain nor sleet or snow, a mailwoman delivers.
     Day four, She Is...A Cheerleader! She cheers for her children whether they're winning or losing. She is the loudest one applauding, when all else have given up and gone home. Mothers should always have kind words, even when she don't feel like saying them. What her children hear from her mouth is precious to their inclined ears, even when she doesn't think their listening. To never lay her head down without telling her children that she loves them unconditionally.
     The list could go on for days, but stops on the seventh. How ironic is the number seven; its God's perfect completion and timing.
     So, have a wonderful Mother's Day and I pray you find the opportunity to learn with me more about how many roles you play in your children's lives. Always being who...You are, because you've been encouraged by the lesson "She Is..."

You are never alone,
Jerri of Mars

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