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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome to M.A.R.S. in New York

We are Mothers Alone Raising Sons who live in the great state of New York. This blog is not about "Mars" the planet, were not martians or aliens however can often feel this way. The call of raising any child or children alone has its own challenges but we need and love to encourage the rewards. Being a place predominantely geared towards single mothers who are raising sons does not in any way discriminate against men or other mothers who may also raise sons and/or daughters. We encourage ALL single parents to share their experiences, suggestions, advice, trials, tribulations and please don't leave out the triumphs
We're initially a faith-base ministry but welcome those who are not. This site is a place to blog our journey, whether you journal in a book daily, weekly or monthly or not, please start to share here with us. Single mothers need all the support and encouragement in the world. 
In closing, remember you are not alone spiritually and as long as we have a venue to express ourselves, God hears and we will never be. Let's start a new journey together...please respond and stay positive in spite of the negatives. YOU! single mothers, can raise successful children: sons and oh yes daughters too! Single fathers we welcome you...

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  1. I'm so happy for you Sistah Jerri, this was a great idea for African American Mothers (M.A.R.S.)of New York.
    Im a Mother of two son's, one of my biggest concerns for them is that they are safe in this society. Sistah Jerri I have watched you raise
    your man child,to God Be the Glory. Amen
    Sistah Yaasmeen


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