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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And a child shall lead them...

Good day Mars,

     My morning started out with a warm smile from one of my student's mom, her name is Tonya. She's a single mother raising her son. Now please understand that we never denounce our dads but when their unavailable, for any reason, we moms have to handle our business which is the art of mothering...
     Tonya, like her son, is smart, wonderfully pleasant and witty. We always chat for a few minutes and like the mothers who dropped wisdom regarding how to better raise my son, I do the same for her.
Today, after expressing how much the blog insights her, she gave me a nugget of wisdom to share with you.
     Her son, a 1st grader, couldn't understand why some adults use inappropriate language especially since his mother doesn't. She told him to follow her example which is not to curse and each time he hears an adult use this language, to charge them a quarter.
     I thought this was great advice! First, it teaches our children that profanity is wrong. Secondly, that there are consequences to poor choices of words and behavior. And when a child has to check our behavior, well speaking for myself, I feel real bad. The book of Psalms tells us, "that bad habits corrupt good behavior."
     Let our children teach us sometimes in the ways we should go. We tell them to be watchful of so-called friends whose behavior is not always good; we now can use that same advice on ourselves.
     A shout out to Tonya, one of our mothers doing the best with what God has given her! A wonderful son and the wisdom to raise him successfully.

Jerri of Mars

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