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Saturday, February 19, 2011

And the nominee is...

Hi Mars,
     Have you ever asked your children ‘who’ they want to be when they grow up? Or if like myself, have young adults, whether in High School or College, are they at least close to where they see themselves in the next few years. That’s a lot to ask these days. Could we have cultivated a little more or possibly led them in the right direction with more care? These days, most children seem to be little ‘scatter brains’, especially with all the media and technology influx. It’s like indigestion to their mind, body and soul.
     I can speak from my own experiences. I was not a young mother, when I had my son at the tender age of 27, but I was unmarried. Taking on single parenting alone; very overwhelmed. I went through a period of regression. I started hanging out more than ever; smoking, drinking and seeing guys a little too casually but never around my son. This happens to the best of us, especially when you’re a single mother, trying to find her way. I had to get back on track and put his needs first. Enrolled him into extra curriculum activities, in order to find his niche, his way. Enforced more mommy and son time. He didn't choose me, I chose him and he deserved the best of me and what life had to offer.
     The truth is that most of our children will find their way, in their own time. We need to be patient and pray for positive outcomes that will bring about productive citizens in society. This is a long process that takes a lot of our time and effort, from both parties. However, my vote goes out to all of you Mars! I nominate those mothers that have never given up on their children nor themselves; through thick and thin, good and bad and yes, hell and high waters. 
     Today's shout out goes to Ramona, my coworker, and her ambitious daughter Jennifer. Ramona has raised a set of twin daughters and a son, all by herself. She’s a phenomenal mother and teacher.  I love to go to her class. She makes me laugh, smile and I can be my sometimes crazy acting self with her. Ramona has so much energy, she’s a kindergarten teacher who’s structured, loving and passionate about her students' well fare. Her students love her. They tell her, “she’s the best”. So, you can imagine what she’s poured into her own three children, who are now grown.
An Emmy Award
     Getting back to Jennifer, who’s also loving and a beautiful person. She has completed college and is now pursuing a career in television broadcasting and journalism. Jennifer and her coworkers have produced a documentary and are now being nominated for an Emmy!
     Can you feel her since of accomplishments and pride, at the tender age of 27; and no babies! Her mother, Ramona, so ecstatic as we all are. So, the nomination goes to Jennifer and her proud ‘mommy’, Ramona. Who are both winners in our book!!!
     All things are possible through God…remember that what you pour into your children will prosper in due season. Be patient and never give up hope.

Jerri of Mars

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