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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saluting Gyna a mother of Mars...

It's a sad day Mars,

I just returned home from a very dear friend's funeral. Her name was Gyna; affectionately known as Gyna Beana. Today we salute a single mother of not one but four boys, who are now young men. They have beat the odds of the single parent statistics, they've graduated high school and are not in jail. 
This sistah was the epitome of single parenting. You never, I mean never, saw her without those boys. She was a football mom, a loving daughter and had three brothers all while being the only girl, in the family, like myself. She could handle the best of them.
Gyna was strong and had the prettiest smile. I remember us sitting in night school some 30 years ago when she was pregnant with her first boy. We would sit in class because she was carrying big and try to think of a name for him. She ended up naming him, Richard. She later gave birth to Brian and almost 10 years later, she had the twins.
We are truly going to miss her and we will be praying for her sons. We only get one mother! So, whether cherishing her memories like myself or your true and living mom in person, please honor her!

With love, 
Jerri of Mars

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