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Friday, February 11, 2011

Being cultured...

TGIF Mars,
    In honor of Black History month our school's PTA has invited The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre to grace us with their sensational presence next week. The demographics of our school are 85% Hispanic, 12% black and 8% white, so I have been exposing our students to 1 - 2 video clips in the lab. We also took a brief look at Mr. Ailey's biography. He has made a tremendous contribution to the art of dance and an outstanding entry way back into the culture of African American history. The only familiarity our students had with the clips was the song, Wade in the Water, because the 5th graders sung this during their winter concert.
Choreagraphed by Alvin Ailey

 Please mothers try to find time to culture your children, our sons, it very important. Different types of people, places, arts, foods, music the list goes on because it opens up their minds. When children are exposed to different people, places and things, they think more, write more, and speak more. I know it can be expensive but if their school is sponsoring a trip and you don't have the money, inform the school, most of the time someone will accommodate the funds. If you belong to a church, ask for a donation, most people who understand the arts and what great implications of being exposed to it, will be pleased to assist. Remember, pride is a terrible spirit, it leads to destruction. Nobody, in their right mind, wants to see any child get destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Lastly, look on the computer for free concerts. You will be surprised how many theatrical companies give free concerts. Alvin Ailey just performed in Central Park last summer. So, be encouraged and treat you and your son to a dinner theatre, one day soon.

God bless you all,
Jerri of Mars

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